“The major work of the world is not done by geniuses. It is done by ordinary people, with balance in their lives, who have learned to work in an extraordinary manner.” ― Gordon B. Hinckley

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6 Days Sober

I went running yesterday. If I’m being honest with myself, then technically it’s the first time I really went out to run in over a month. I did go biking/running on Saturday and I have gone a few other times within the last month. But I haven’t been doing anything that would have prepared me for my upcoming races. Anyway for the last month I have had the mind-set that I could drink 5+ Cokes a week sometime two at once and not suffer any setbacks.

P.S. I’m not proud of this moment. After this photograph was taken I swore off Coke ( this is a big deal) and have not had a Coke or any soda for 6 days and I have not fallen off the wagon.

Physically I feel like I am in a strange place. Let me explain. I have been working out at the gym most mornings, despite my afternoon Coke bingeing. So I can feel that my legs are stronger and my muscle endurance is better than it has been. My weakness right now is my lungs. It’s weird because normally I am in the opposite situation. My lungs are normally strong and my body can’t keep up. This is probably a result of my drinking problem and lack of training for the last month. After my 6 mile hell run yesterday I am more scared than excited for my upcoming Red Rock Relay in two weeks. Well that’s all I have for this week. Have a great week everyone.

 “It hurts up to a point and then it doesn’t get any worse.”
– Ann Trason


My Reality Check and Biggest Loser Moment

I really don’t want to use this blog as a personal outlet but I feel that what has been on my mind is relevant to the blog. For the past three weeks I have been really committed to eating healthy and exercising. Last week I joined Golds Gym. When you join you get a free fitness consultation with a trainer. I decided that it couldn’t hurt to take advantage of it and maybe get some good pointers for my marathon training and weight lifting. During the consultation they asked questions about my health, how often I exercised, my eating habits, and how physical my job was. They also took my weight and measured my body fat percentage. Turns out that I have almost 30% body fat and that I am carrying over 50 pounds of body fat…. big change from 16% just over a year ago. I was really shocked to hear this. That wasn’t even the most shocking news of the meeting. They told me that I had a moderately high chance of developing diabetes in the future if I don’t make some changes. I don’t want to freak anyone out. I DON”T HAVE DIABETES, but it is a possibility down the road if I don’t make some changes to my lifestyle. I understand that this was in the opinion of the trainers and not a medical professional so this may seem a little over dramatic but I honestly never expected that I would anywhere near being told that diabetes is a possibility for my future.

I want to share how I got to this point. Maybe it will help someone out there not fall into the mistakes I have made. My journey from a 180 pounds to 215 pounds happened so quickly it’s almost hard to know exactly when it happened. I started my senior year of college at 180 pounds. I think that my downfall was my crazy schedule. I was taking 18 credits during fall semester and I was driving home to Kanab to work a night shift followed by two double shifts at a restaurant every weekend. This is when my commitment to working out left me. I had so much on my plate that working out seemed like an easy thing to bump off. Plus eating restaurant food all weekend and eating candy and Coke to keep me awake during my two-hour drive home Sunday night didn’t help matters.  Fall semester was when I started noticing my clothes were getting a little tight. By spring semester workouts were few and far between. I was once again taking a full class load, had two jobs, an internship, and a senior capstone project. My days were spent at school and work, while my nights were spent in the library with a coke and bag of candy to keep me awake. Summer came and went as I was really busy with two jobs, but I felt like I was ready to get back into working out. unfortunately my bad habits were rooted to deeply and quickly overcame my desire to get back into shape.It wasn’t until last month that I was finally ready to get back into shape.

What I have learned is that no matter where you have been physically in the past you have to continue to take care of your body it will not take care of its self . I’m not saying that everyone needs to join a gym, or run six miles a day like I do. But you do need to be aware of what you eat and you do need to get out and do something. The thought that I have put my health and life at risk for Costa Vida nachos, Wendy’s, Top Spot chicken strip basket, or a Coke makes me sick. I know that what I was told about my chance of getting diabetes was more of a precautionary statement from my trainer  but it has carried a serious meaning with me. I want to do all that I can to be healthy so I can be there for my family and friends. I guess the lesson that I want to pull out from this is don’t wait until it’s to late to start taking care of yourself. There is always time to make healthy choices. You just need to put forth the effort and do it.