“The major work of the world is not done by geniuses. It is done by ordinary people, with balance in their lives, who have learned to work in an extraordinary manner.” ― Gordon B. Hinckley



Good Like a Chocolate Milk Tornado.

Guess I should have waited until after i got married to start a blog about finding balance in life. haha. I have now been married for just over a month and a half. What a whirlwind it has been. A good one though, you know like the tornados that you make in a glass of chocolate milk when you are mixing it? As of today we have moved out of our first house. What an adventure that was. When I first moved into the house in July I was greeted by an army of ants who apparently loved the sugar in my pantry more than I do. After I took care of them the real battle began. MICE. We killed a total of three mice with at least on at large, still roaming the house. But now we are moved out and mice free. We are now house sitting for a couple who will be gone for a year. And one major bonus for me is that WE HAVE THE INTERNET. I have lived without the internet for almost a year. So it has been good having it again. Well I don’t have much else to say. Hopefully I will be able to blog more often.

I’m Back!

I couldn’t stay away. I am three weeks away from getting married and couldn’t be more excited or happy with my life right now. My one complaint is that it feels totally our of balance. Sometimes it seems like so much effort is put into one project that other interests or goals are left behind. I have been trying to figure out how to balance things out, and this morning I remembered a talk that I heard in church a while back. Essentially the speaker talked about how important balance was in our lives. That even though you may be doing something good, if that is all you do then you loose balance. It takes effort to create and maintain a balanced lifestyle. 

In order for me to find balance, I need to be fulfilled and active in the spiritual, physical, social, and educational aspects of my life. I crave balance, and hope to one day be able to achieve it.

In each post I am going to focus on what I am going to find balance. I am excited to be back to blogging and hope that my old readers are still with me.  

The End

Well the day has come. I have grown out of my blog =( I have found that as my life changes my blog has become more and more irrelevant to my life right now. My goal of running a marathon has been put on hold as I am in the process of completing a different goal which is much higher on the list than running a marathon.I am getting married! I got engaged just over a week ago, and that has totally shifted my priorities and goals in a different direction. Not a bad direction just different. Maybe one day I will return to my marathon goal, and when that happens you will find me here again. That being said, I am not giving up on getting in shape. In fact I am more motivated than ever. I am just putting my attention towards activities that don’t require so much time. I want to thank everyone who has followed this blog. It was my first blog and it has fun/humbling to see that people where interested in what I have to say. I will be leaving this blog active because I think it is valuable and hope that it can help those who are just beginning their running journey. I will be writing other blogs, so once I get them up I will post links to them. Thanks for the support. 


Finding Joy in Running

The inspiration for my blog this morning came from a text that I got from my girlfriend that says, “How does one find any joys in running?!” Thinking about why I find joy in running I realized that the reason I love to run is because I find joy in seeing how far I have come since I first started running. Even if I look back to the more return to running. I can see how much I have improved and it makes me happy. Generally I find joy in running because typically my very first challenge of the day is waking up and going for a run. If I am able to get my butt out of bed and run, then I know that I will be able to face whatever challenges come my way throughout the day because I have all ready conquered one. I do have one confession to make. I am excited that my girlfriend has decided to give running another chance. I have always hoped that we could be running partners someday. =) Well this is all I have for this week. Guess it will be a short and sweet post. Have a great week all.


Red Rock Relay

Wow what a great weekend. Moab is awesome and the Red Rock Relay was awesome. The race course took us from down town Moab, along the Colorado River, through the desert, to the top of the mountains and back again. My team did not finish in the top of the pack, but we did finish, and everyone ran really good. Good Job Guys=) During the race I realized that I am not in nearly as good of shape as I thought I was. So this was a good reality check for me and I have re-committed to train smarter and push myself. Moab was completely awesome. It was just the right amount of hippie and normal that I love. I found out on Monday that I did not win the lottery to run in the St. George marathon. I am pretty bummed. But I have lots of other races planned and hope to find a marathon soon. Last night for dinner I made trail mix sandwiches. Basically it was cream cheese, honey, lemon juice, and trail mix, mixed together and spread on toast. My girlfriend said it was gross, but I think it was….interesting. If I decide that I like it I will post the recipe.

Well that is all I have for this week. Have a great week.

“Having a true faith is the most difficult thing in the world. Many will try to take it from you.”

Feeling Awesome

I have officially been off of soda, more specifically Coke and Dr. Pepper for two weeks. Now that the headaches and un-rational thoughts about how I can get my hands on one at 2am have subsided, I can say that I feel AWESOME! I went for a run thing morning and I felt strong and actually enjoyed the myself. I can’t say that I am going to swear off Coke or Dr. Pepper forever. I don’t know if that is an achievable goal. But I am going to stick to it and see how long I can last. Now that I have done two weeks I am shooting for a month.

I am leaving for Moab tomorrow afternoon for my relay race. This week I feel much stronger and am more excited than for the race. I am still not in the shape I would like to be for it, but I feel like I can compete. I am going to try to twitter the crap out of the race. So follow my tweets http://twitter.com/beaushakespear. Have a great week.

“If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” (this seems appropriate for me for the last couple of weeks)

6 Days Sober

I went running yesterday. If I’m being honest with myself, then technically it’s the first time I really went out to run in over a month. I did go biking/running on Saturday and I have gone a few other times within the last month. But I haven’t been doing anything that would have prepared me for my upcoming races. Anyway for the last month I have had the mind-set that I could drink 5+ Cokes a week sometime two at once and not suffer any setbacks.

P.S. I’m not proud of this moment. After this photograph was taken I swore off Coke ( this is a big deal) and have not had a Coke or any soda for 6 days and I have not fallen off the wagon.

Physically I feel like I am in a strange place. Let me explain. I have been working out at the gym most mornings, despite my afternoon Coke bingeing. So I can feel that my legs are stronger and my muscle endurance is better than it has been. My weakness right now is my lungs. It’s weird because normally I am in the opposite situation. My lungs are normally strong and my body can’t keep up. This is probably a result of my drinking problem and lack of training for the last month. After my 6 mile hell run yesterday I am more scared than excited for my upcoming Red Rock Relay in two weeks. Well that’s all I have for this week. Have a great week everyone.

 “It hurts up to a point and then it doesn’t get any worse.”
– Ann Trason

I’m Back!

Hello everyone or no one. I may not have any readers left since I have not blogged in months. My only excuse is that my running habits have been about as good as my blogging. I swear that the last couple of months have not made it easy for me to run. Between snow, wind, ice, sickness, family gatherings, and a new job, I have just not been able to make the time to run. Enough with the excuses. In running related news I have some big races coming up. I signed up to run the Red Rock Relay. My team has a race in Moab on May 12. I am really excited for it  because I have never been to Moab. Now I just need to get in shape for it. I also have the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon coming up in July, and in September I have the Red Rock Relay Zion race. I put my name in a lottery for the St. George marathon. So if I get picked I will be able to add a marathon to the list. So I would say that I have a potentially busy six months with all of my races. I am trying to get back into the groove of things and am excited for my upcoming races. Also I promise it will not be another two months before my next blog. Have a great week!


“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”

Steve Roland Prefontaine

Freeze Your Buns Run Last Week

Wow sorry guys. I was so excited to write about my 5K, but remember how I live in the early 90’s and don’t have the internet at my apartment? Well I have been using my girlfriends internet to get my blog done each week (thank you by the way=)). Last Saturday luck would have it that a combination of her internet connection and my crappy old laptop did not create a conducive blogging environment. So I told myself that I would do it Monday. Obviously that didn’t happen so here I am a week later trying to get this out. This is what I wrote on Saturday last week:

“Yesterday I officially checked the first run off of my 2012 running goal list. I did the Freeze Your Buns Run 5K. The name of the race was appropriate because the temperature positively freezing. My goal was to finish the race in less than 30 minutes. My finish time was 27:03. I am really happy with that time, but I think that I could have done better. I feel like I did everything I could to prepare physically for the race, but failed at ensuring I was properly fueled. I have been drinking lots of Coke and other drinks lately . Also I have not been super diligent with healthy eating. Well Friday the day before the race was no different. I had my daily Coke and went out to lunch with some co-workers, and ate a less than healthy meal which probably involved a sandwich that consisted of pulled pork and brisket… o ya and french fries. I didn’t really eat dinner on Friday, and for breakfast on Saturday I had a granola bar. So I didn’t have much energy when it came down to race time. I just didn’t have the energy that I needed to get the best time possible. But I did accomplish my goal and got the best time possible given the circumstances.”

That was all I got typed before I let the internet win over my desire to get my blog out. Something that I want to take from the race last week is the importance of proper fueling before a race. So I have made goals to not just before race day, but everyday to: stay hydrated, eat healthy foods, and get a reasonable amount of sleep. There are many other things that I could do, but that is where I want to start and will build from there.

This post feels rushed and I guess that it probably is, I just want to get it out so I can move on to other topics. Thanks to everyone who reads this blog. I intended it to be a way to hold myself accountable to my training. I enjoy getting comments and feedback. That being said… What do you guys do to prepare for a long run? Are there any foods or supplements that you use?


Why I Run

ImageTonight I am sitting on the couch wondering what I should write about. I have been thinking all day about what topics or thoughts that would be interesting. Those of you who know me know that I am a huge fan of The Biggest Loser. I have seriously been watching it since season 2. I rarely miss an episode and I think that it is a quality show to watch. Anyway on last nights episode one of the trainers asked a struggling contestant why she was on the show and what was her reason for wanting to become healthy. She didn’t have an answer. That is what I want to write about tonight. Why I run.

Minus the last twoish years that I have not really been running, you can say that I have been running for about four years. I started running while I was living in Pasadena Texas, serving a mission for my church. While I lived in Texas I gained a lot of weight. People fed us dinner almost every night, consisting of BBQ brisket, banana pudding, Blue Bell Ice Cream, and gumbo. Mmmmm I love Texas cooking. Anyways I started running so I could shed some of the weight that I gained, before I came home to Utah. At first I hated running. It was really hard and I was really out of shape, but I stuck to it. Once my lungs stopped burning and I got stronger I began to love it. Ever since I have loved taking time out of my day to run. These are the reasons that I run.

Why I Run

  • Running is my time to think, plan, and have no thoughts all in the same run.
  • Running pushes me to my limits. When I think I can’t go any further I do.
  • Running is the best kind of therapy. It’s easy to be honest with yourself when it’s just you and the road.
  • There is a certain kind of pride that come with saying “I am a runner”. It’s like bragging.. but different.
  • I love telling people how far I ran that day and seeing their reactions. Shock, enthusiasm, and envy.
  • This is a weird one, but one of my favorite times to run is at 4 or 5 pm…. in the middle of the summer. One could call me a sun worshiper. I crave the warmth and heat from the sun. There is nothing more rewarding than returning from a long hot run and knowing that I beat the sun that day.

I could keep going on all night thinking about clever saying about why I run. When it boils down to it. I run for me. I don’t do it because other people say I should or because it is healthy. I do it because I literally love every second of it. No matter how hard. I think that is why most people run. It may start off as a way to loose weight, or get you a free trip to Hawaii, but those who keep doing it after the goal is reached, or the reward is claimed do it because they love it. That is why I run. Why do you?

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